• IOG carries out all procurement, materials supply & trade services to all industrial, oil, gas and petrochemical aspects and organizations, our scope of supply includes but not limited to:
    - Preparing MTO as per drawings
    - Assistance in preparing tenders technical part
    - Assistance in evaluation of the technical bids and offers
    - Procurement expediting service
    - Materials testing, inspection and follow up on the behalf of the clients
    - Materials supply such as piping, pipes, fittings, E&I bulk materials
    - Filters, flow meters and pressure indicators
    - Corrosion indicators
    - Pumps and compressors
    - LR bends
    - Launching and receiving traps
    - DCS, PLC’s and SCADA systems
    - LAPTOPS, PC’s & printing materials for all sizes of papers including geological maps and drawings
    - Hydrocarbons, oil, natural gas and petrochemical trades and transportation
    - Laboratories preparation and equipping according to standards and ISO 17025
    - IT Computer Hardware/Software supplies

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